IPAE - Insurance Public Adjusters and Estimators

Licensed in Connecticut and New York


Our mission is to bring fairness to underpaid and wrongfully denied insurance claims

"True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of Justice."

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



Welcome to IPAE, LLC – Insurance Public 

Adjusters and Estimators

Would you go to court without a lawyer? Or run a business without an accountant? It can be overwhelming and difficult to recover from a disaster on your own. You’ll be facing a complex insurance policy with vague language, coverage questions, and the need to prove every detail of your loss to the insurance company. It will soon become clear that you should have a Public Adjuster represent you. 

Public adjusters are the only category of insurance adjusters who work exclusively for you, the Policyholder.

What to Do 

Fire & Smoke 

Contact your insurance company.

Contact IPAE 866-81CLAIM and we will assist you in the process of:

  • Board-up of property
  • Get report from Fire Marshall
  • Contact an electrician to restore power.

Water & Mold

We will assist you in getting experts to test your home for mold and asbestos. Contact a licensed water mitigation contractor to have water extracted and wet debris removed so that you are protecting the property against further damage.


Have a roofer cover the affected areas to protect the property against further damage. In case a tree damages your property, town officials will be the ones you can rely on to give you clearance to enter the property and when to have power restored.

Services We Offer 

Insurance companies won’t automatically pay insurance claims. Instead, it’s your responsibility to prove your claim 

in order to get compensated for a loss.

What will our public adjusters do for you?

  • Provide a comprehensive review of your policy and its endorsements;
  • Assist you throughout the claim process;
  • Advocate for your rights;
  • Take inventory and document your personal property;

  • Provide itemized building estimates for the rebuild and necessary code upgrades;
  •  Strategically negotiate the best settlement on your covered loss

Our Clients

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